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We are dedicated to providing highly accurate intermediate and long term stock market forecasts. We use thorough computer analysis that uses current trends, market indicators and historic market data so you can have the ultimate confidence in your trading decisions.

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The backbone of the Stock Market Index Forecasts newsletter is our proprietary analysis software which provides us with the ability to accurately forecast future market activity. Recurring stock market movements are identified and forecast forward to produce our charts. These forecasts are very good at giving the Subscriber a solid idea of when to enter and exit the Market. These forecasts allow you to have more confidence in your trading decisions. Quickly receive stock trading signals and trends quickly. Receive real-time stock quotes, financial details and analysis for thousand of individual stocks including blue chips and penny stocks.


Build real wealth overtime by buying stocks when they are underpriced and selling as they become overpriced or the overall market conditions call for a reduction in stock holdings. We achieve reliable investment forecasts by utilizing a thorough stock market research and analysis program. The program's objective is to discover improvements that increase trading profits. We use an advanced neural network model which is evolved with a genetic algorithm to forecast the direction of the stock market.

If you want to keep your trading costs down, then we recommend using one of the many discount online brokers that offer low cost stock, ETF, mutual fund and option trades. This allows you to actively trade your stocks without dipping into your gains by paying low commissions. We have a directory of discount brokers and online trading solutions that we recommend for your trading requirements. Most of the brokers we recommend, provide real time, automated trades with no account minimums. Test out and try the different trading platforms and go with the one that works best for you.


Once you sign up, you will receive trade alerts regarding specific stocks that you are monitoring and we also provide macroeconomic market alerts regarding the general trends in the overall stock market. We will let you know when our analysis says that it is time to trim back your stock holdings to reduce risk. Or when it is right to start buying again and increase your allocation in stocks. Our stock market forecasts can be used by both long term investors and active day traders because you can monitor as many different indexes and stocks as you wish. If you are just looking for general recommendations and forecasts for big picture investing, regarding the S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones indices then you will generally receive no more than a few trade alerts each month, so you will not incur lots of trading fees. We also provide short selling signals, long term outlooks as well as intermediate forecasts. Our forecasts and stock market trend models are developed with the analysis of thousands of financial variables and market data in order to get a complete picture of the overall economy and worldwide financial markets.

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